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Do you know Donetsk? In the heart of the Donetsk Basin Donetsk is the center of the Ukrainian coal mining area. The city is located southeast of Kiev on the river Kalmius  and was founded 1869 by the Welsh businessman John Hughes, who built a metallurgical plant and several coal mines. One and a half centuries later, the foundation of Donetsk is still the steel and coal production, the industry leaves an indelible mark on the city. Despite the impressions of soot-blackened faces and a clumsy industrial Donetsk was classified by the UNESCO as the cleanest industrial city in the world. Donetsk is the hometown of many beautiful women from Ukraine. And even if Donetsk has its own charm, it does not surpass the charm of women from the Ukraine. They are graceful and gracious and very cheerful. When driving in the Ukraine, you will notice the unique beams in the eyes of these women from that country. You will love these women from Ukraine how this beautiful country in Eastern Europe. The same will happen with the city of Donetsk, is mentioned the "town of million  roses".


Ukrainian women are very special

Ukrainian women are very conscious of their appearance and have a flair for fashion and good appearance developed in general. Ukrainian women do not need any expensive designer clothes, but they make up the optimum with what they have available. Even if you're in a small village in the country, will be watched, the Ukrainian women are styled even there always accurate and complex. Stunning make-up, the figure-hugging clothes and if available, of course, the inevitable jewelry. They are pretty, very feminine, curious, very proud, helpful, can often cook good, efficient, economical and industrious, can improvise well, are adaptable and often speak several languages. In addition to the fashion sense and good appearance Ukrainian women have a strong sense of family. Most of them come from families with several children and the parents had perhaps not always work in order to have all the wealth to be great. As a sense of family is needed. Who has so in love with a Ukrainian women and wants to get her to marry him to his home, must have agreed with his own family to the extent that it has no objection to this connection.

Great wishes

Even in Russia, Ukrainian women are considered to be very temperamental. Who looks into the eyes of the Ukrainian women, the temperament that seems to spring from the affection. Temperament, love, tenderness and concern and consideration for your partner can be read from these eyes. The greatest desire for Ukrainian women is a harmonious family life. The determination, with the Ukrainian women say yes to the partner, is accompanied by the tenacity to make this "yes" for all eternity be valid. No matter what could happen in the course of a marriage, Ukrainian women feel at once given the word to their lives bound long.


"Normal" or "happy"?

Even though the times have changed today, learn to know each other through a platform such as dating Donetsk or our partner agency Eastern Beauties.com many people eyes is still not "normal". We want our service to give you and the women from the Ukraine the ability to find their perfect match for their whole life. You have the chance to register here for free at our partner agency Eastern Beauties.com. Now its your turn. Do you want to be "normal" or would you be happy for the rest of your life?

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